liquidity analysis

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the following selected information is taken from the financial statements of arnn company for
its most recent year of operations:
beginning balances:
inventory $200,000
accounts receivable 300,000
ending balances:
inventory $250,000
accounts receivable 400,000
cash $100,000
marketable securities (short-term) 200,000
prepaid expenses 50,000
accounts payable 175,000
taxes payable 85,000
wages payable 90,000
short-term loans payable 50,000
during the year, arnn had net sales of $2.45 million. the cost of goods sold was $1.3 million.

note: round all answers to two decimal places.
1. compute the current ratio.
2. compute the quick or acid-test ratio.
3. compute the accounts receivable turnover ratio.
4. compute the accounts receivable turnover in days.
5. compute the inventory turnover ratio.
6. compute the inventory turnover in days.
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