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i have another literature work needed as soon as possible:

write a 500-700 word essay based on literature guide lines below:

note the similarities among the myths as to characters, natural phenomena, individual objects, and supernatural occurrences in sunjata compared to two other myths studied (the odyssey, medea, popul vuh, gilgamesh, ramayana, rig veda, ovid, metamorphoses, ). construct a chart of important similarities and differences in the narratives and attach the chart to the essay.

remember to address each of these questions in your answer:

what do the people in these cultures seem to believe about how they came to be?
what qualities do they share as a people?
what seems important to them?
why does the creator in these tales make people in the first place?
do the people have a reason to be there?
if people want to be like their creators, what would a good person be like, and what would a bad person be like?
if you can, please set your price. thanks.
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