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hi can you complete this task by next week? if so i have to submit a topic proposal by this sunday. this is the example of a topic proposal that my professor gave us:
a sample topic proposal might look like:
"i will discuss liars in literature. my examples will be odysseus from homer's the odyssey (an epic poem), and holden caufield from jd salinger's the catcher in the rye (a fiction novel)."

project overview
for this task, you will write a fully-developed, well-organized 5-8 page paper where you choose a literary theme and discuss how the theme is demonstrated or portrayed in two different literary forms (fiction, drama, or poetry). so you need to understand what is meant by a theme. see your index of your textbook for the term "theme", and other material and discussions. and you need works from two different literary forms; works we have read in class are fine to use. the literary forms are fiction (a novel, a short story, or a novella), drama (a play), and a poem. you will need one example from two of these categories. i cannot accept a paper comparing two poems or two fiction pieces--even if one is a short story and one is a novel.

your paper should include the following:
•an effective introduction including a thesis that identifies the theme.
•body paragraphs that:
◦support the thesis.
◦discuss different viewpoints regarding the works of literature.
◦explore and evaluate how the theme is demonstrated or portrayed in two different forms of literature. use specific examples to prove your main points.

•an effective conclusion.
•the use of at least two outside sources (in addition to the course textbook). sources must be referenced properly and listed on a separate works cited page.

refer to the course schedule within the syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates.


submit one fully-developed, well-organized 5-8 page paper with a works cited page in mla format.
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