livesite website development

Project Description:


i need the website for a non profit organization developed.

see attachment for description of the project.

i need the website developed using livesite from camelback.

job description:
please refer to attachment for detailed project description.

web development project type:
new website

client side or server side development:
not sure

specific programming languages desired:
livesite website builder from camelback.

css, html

desired website or component functionality:
- a blog section

- a discussion forum and all relevant features of a forum

- ability to socially sign (eg facebook or twitter) in or sign in with open id eg (gmail login or yahoo mail login)

- an on-line project management section or ability to fully integrate an on-line project management software based on google apps (eg pivotal tracker) into
the website

- volunteer (job) board where registered guest can view specific volunteer opportunities

- events and calendar section

- surveys and polls

- ability to form specific groups of registered guests with exclusive access to specific sections of the website

- ability of registered guests to upload/attach and files to the administrator of the website

the livesite website builder provide the these capabilities. they need to be configured.
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