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1. written case study due – case 13-1 chemtech inc. – answer all questions listed in the text for the case. (p. 588-589)

1. what problems are faced by chemtech in the following areas: logistics and supply chain management, purchasing, and marketing?
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2. what needs to be done at chemtech to improve the functioning of its order fulfillment activities?
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3. what do you think a supplier such as potash should seek from its customers?
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4. how can the customers of chemtech become “better” customers? what can chemtech do to become a better supplier to its customers?
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5. what options are available to potash in the short term and the long term? could an alliance between chemtech and potash help to solve some of the current problems between chemtech and its supplier?
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6. which steps in the strategic sourcing methodology discussed in this chapter are in greatest need of improvement at chemtech?

2. written case study due – case 13-2 durable vinyl siding corporation – answer all questions listed in the text for the case. (pp. 590-591)

1. what organizational changes would you suggest for dvs procurement?
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2. what types of computerization changes would you recommend?
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3. how would e-commerce benefit dvs procurement?
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4. would you recommend the same computer and e-commerce strategies for all 5,000 skus purchased? if not, how would these strategies differ?
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5. what strategies do you suggest for maintaining procurement service levels?
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