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complete each of the following questions in written form through the preparation of a paper in apa format. the take home final is to be performed on the “saturn corporation” case, which is located in the student cd that is included in the inside back cover of the textbook. all answers should be substantiated and not merely answered with a short response! remember to repeat each of the following questions prior to stating your response: 1. identify the primary issues related to the selection of outbound transportation providers and discuss their importance to each process stakeholder. what other factors and issues should the vehicle transportation team consider in the selection process? 2. starting with event 38, develop flowcharts of the delivery process for truck and rail. develop a second set of flowcharts that streamlines the delivery processes, removes redundant, unimportant activities, and addresses concerns related to the current process. 3. which delivery method would you recommend for each new retailer to minimize the outbound logistics costs per vehicle? 4. which delivery method would you recommend for each new retailer to minimize transit time and transit time consistency? 5. assuming that each new retailer will sell 720 vehicles annually, which delivery method would you recommend for each new retailer to minimize vehicle damage? 6. what is your final recommendation (truck or rail delivery) for each new retailer? why? which stakeholder groups are likely to be most/least satisfied with your decision? in addition, map the u.s. territory that is likely to be served by truck delivery. 7. csx has suggested that saturn consolidate all deliveries for southeast georgia and the east coast of florida for a once per week unit train delivery. the total outbound cost would be $210 per vehicle and csx guarantees a three-day transit time. how would this affect saturn's delivery methods to their retailers in savannah, ga, and jacksonville, fl? 8. this is a two-part question. part 1: although not specifically discussed in this case, you should be able to describe the role of procurement and supplier management in a supply chain context including the procurement ethical issues from a christian worldview. what is the role of procurement in saturn’s operations? part 2: additionally, procurement personnel are often placed in unethical situations and students need to appreciate how a christian worldview can navigate them through these issues. what might these issues be and how does a christian worldview apply to these issues? 9. burlington northern santa fe railroad has approached saturn about using the autostack system to deliver vehicles. autostack is an intermodal delivery system in which six saturns could be loaded into a standard 48 foot container at spring hill and delivered to destination rail yards via doublestack intermodal service. the cars would be unloaded and delivered by drayage carriers. bnsf has offered two-day transit time to arlington, tx, at a rate of $232 per vehicle. loading costs of $13.50 and drayage costs of $12.50 would be incurred. how would this opportunity affect the delivery method recommendation for the dallas, tx, retailer?
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