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task: logos

logos: essential for promotion in healthcare

everyone knows something about logos and we see them constantly. some are much more effective than others. they are important to facilitate brand development. your healthcare marketing textbook does not provide much discussion of the value of a great logo, the characteristics of of a great logo or the process necessary to develop a great logo. these are the questions that you will answer in this extra credit task.

for this task, you will need to use web sources primarily to explore logos. i will give you a list of url's as a start (you can use them or other sites). see the attached file.

as with other tasks, you must use apa style of referencing (make sure that you review the guidelines for online referencing, to include the exact url and the date accessed)

your analysis shoud be 3-5 pages long (at least)

your grade will depend on:

format (20%) appearance of paper, absence of typos and misspelled words; adequate subheadings. you should have a cover page, major headings and subheadings. if you choose to offer your own opinion, you should include that in the summary/conclusions section. otherwise avoid the use of "i think" or "in my opinion" in the body of your paper.

content (50%) description of the value of a representative logo to marketing healthcare; describe the characteristics of a great logo; describe the process of developing a logo (from start to finished logo, ready to use) . you will not finds these items on one website...review several and combine your findings in your paper.

referencing (30%) apa style, at least five web sites (or other refs)
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