looking for a wordpress expert for modifications on my wordpress site .....

Project Description:

so i have a wordpress site which i need some modifications on.

also im looking for someone who is a wordpress expert and knows what their doing. my site has tons of customizations and i dont want anything changed by accident because you were changing something else.

im looking for long term, the site has tons of stuff still left on it to be done. i have $23 for this and many more projects to come, just please be reliable and know how to do php and wordpress expertly. please be quick and fast communication!

the site is called healthyfling (dot) com the list below is brief but i will go over everything with you.

1) on the menu bar and on the post page, the region and cateogry drop down menu wont work.

if you see the site, there is a red menu bar with the "state, region, category, and sub category". when someone clicks on a state, the region area automatically shows

the listings in that state. this isn't happening. if you can fix it. its the same with the category and sub category, where the sub category wont automatically wont

show the listings.

and if you can fix this on the post a fling page also.

2) on the post page, if you can change the text and make the line smaller on the bottom of the post page. so for the text if you can say

"always practicing safe sex greatly reduces the risk/spread of many diseases and infections"

"if you feel this post violates the law in any way such as exploitation of minors or human trafficking, please contact the authorities immediately"

3) when i'm making my post in the post-a-fling page, in the body message box, when i put a :-), on the actual post page, it shows a huge smiley face. if you can remove

any special characters that make this happen.

4) there is an issue with the browse page searching that i told you about a few weeks ago. its when i search in the browse page.
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