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project description: you have been put in charge of developing a website for a new company that sells books. list all the steps that you as the project manager and your project team will need to perform to get your website developed and operational. the steps will have all the processes you have to accomplish as well as the subprocesses you have to accomplish. these steps for the entire project are called a work breakdown structure (wbs). here is an example of a wbs for registering for class (as opposed to developing a website) to give you an idea of what your wbs should look like (note that there are two main processes and that the first process has a few subprocesses):

1.0 meet with advisor
1.1 email advisor to set up a time to meet
1.2 fill out the registration form
1.2.1 review courses available that are needed for graduation
1.2.2 review course times to pick a schedule where classes each meet at different times (to avoid time conflicts)
1.3 attend meeting with the advisor
2.0 register on the student system for classes that advisor approved on the registration for

please see the attached rubric for more details
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