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first can you have this book "managing risk in information systems, isbn-13: 9780763791872" because the paper depend on it. i need you to write a simple paper, noting i'm not a native english speaker. apa style. the paper is about a current security topic and correlating this topic to chapter 1+2+3+4+5+6 from the text book which is "managing risk in information systems" and here is the isbn numbers for it: isbn-13: 9780763791872 isbn: 0763791873
guide lines and requirements for writing this paper;
##1## the security topic you are going to use is the home depot security breach that happened in september 2014.
##2## you need to have a content table for the paper and after that you start the introduction as if the reader have not heard about this news before and introduce the news to the reader, and introduce what is the relation between the news and and the textbook.
##3## you have to read and understand the six chapters from the book so you can point what you have read and understand from the book to the news article. and relate some definitions and and roles from the book to what happen in china attack aims at apple icloud storage service. read the news in this link

##4## in the paper you might analysis what apple in the news did and what they really should have done to avoid this incident and what they should not have done as it related to the book.
##5## so you should have critical thinking in connecting the textbook to he news article. and you might draw some models if necessary. ##6## you might use two or three resources in the paper so you have information about the security breach at apple icloud but the rest of the paper should be based on the text book.
##7## i need 10 paper that should be done after 3 days, please no plagiarism, in case you need to do it, so you have to post the resource.
thank you
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