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your mba516 project will consist of a report of approximately 3500 words and is to be entered through safeassign on the day of the final exam for this course. it will be worth 35% of your total course marks.
although this task needs to be an individual one, you are encouraged to collaborate with your classmates through the use of any form of collaborative software application e.g. email, skype, wikis, lotus notes etc. you may however still choose to meet on campus on thursdays 1800-2100 or saturdays 1500-1800 until saturday 4th january 2014 when traditional mba516 classes will resume.
the report will follow this scenario …
the year is 2020, after 6 years of thoughtful planning expo 2020 is due to open next month.
your task is to describe how your organisation is now using management information systems (mis) in order to achieve higher levels of business operational efficiencies.
remember that mis consists of three components, technical, business and people and it would be expected that all three components would be included in your report. for example, what types of technology is your organisation using in 2020, what sort of business models are prevalent (m-commerce, hybrid systems), what sort of people in the various hierarchical levels of management are now employed and how have they been trained. what are now the predominant skills required to manage the mis component (if indeed it is still a component) in 2020.
your report must contain an executive summary, an introduction, a body and a summary or conclusion. it must be properly referenced and therefore obviously cannot contain other people’s work or ideas without citing the original source.
this task is worth 35% and thus represents a significant proportion of the assessment for this course. thus, this report should not be taken lightly. it is hoped that ultimately some of these reports may be used for promoting your university.
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