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"multinational management strategies" please respond to the following:

1. imagine that you work for a small manufacturing company that uses an innovative, low-cost production method for making laser disks. a chinese firm approaches your ceo in order to license the technology. outline the major potential risks and benefits of the prospective deal for your ceo. provide two (2) suggestions for the ceo that would help him / her decide to either accept or decline the offer.

2.analyze two (2) major political risks of operating a business within the selected emerging country. propose two (2) actions that a multinational company could take in order to manage political risk in that country. justify your response.

3.imagine that you work for a company that sells three (3) major products and has traditionally been conducting business within the u.s. the ceo asks you for your thoughts on setting up an organizational structure that could facilitate foreign expansion of the company. determine the key issues that you would discuss with the ceo regarding the company’s international strategy before you make any recommendations. recommend which one (1) of the three (3) strategies (emphasis on global, emphasis on location, or emphasis on global learning) should be used for foreign expansion of the company. provide a rationale for your response.
4. imagine that you are the ceo of sjöland & thyselius. consider the barriers to sjöland & thyselius when they decided to take over the wind tunnel services division at starcs. knowing what you know today about sjöland & thyselius’ international opportunity for conducting business, recommend two (2) management decisions you would have made differently back in 2008. provide a rationale for your response.
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