managerial accounting class

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i have several lesson/units that i must complete from the text accounting by horngren c.t. , 9th edition
1. chapter 18th based costing & other cost mgmt. tools: problems: e18-16, e18-18, e18-21, e18-22, e18-23, e18-25
p18-271, p18-28a, p18-29a, pp18-32b, p18-34b, p18-35b

2. chapter 20th short-term business decisions - problems e20-9, e20-10, e20-12, e20-13, e20-14, e20-17, e20-20
p20-21a, p20-22a, p20-24a, p20-25a, p20-29b, p20-31b
i also have several other lessons to complete as well. these are just a start. do i need to copy and past lessons?
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