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please provide at least 500 words on each of the three topics below. the total word length for the essay must be between 1,500 and 2,000 words, contain a cover page, a reference page, and should be written in basic apa format.
do not simply answer the questions below; construct your essay in the form of a quality, logically ordered, college level paper. keep third party material to professional or academic sources. make sure to properly cite any third party material.
any use of third party material without the proper citation will be considered plagiarism. try to use examples and real world cases to illustrate your points. please cover all points for each topic.
topic 1: (address these points in your essay for topic 1)
we have seen the concepts of relevance and reliability mentioned throughout our course.
describe the importance of relevance and reliability in the accounting.
how do the concepts of relevance and reliability apply to the role of the managerial accountant?
how does relevance and reliability apply to the information provided by the managerial accountant for an organization’s management?
topic 2: (address these points in your essay for topic 2)
explain the differences between managerial accounting and financial accounting.
explain the role that managerial accounts and financial accountants have in an organization.
explain the accounting data provided by each, why it is produced, the intended user of the data, and how the data is used.
explain how the role of the managerial accountant has changed over time and the reason for these changes.
topic 3: (address these points in your essay for topic 3)
accountants must have high professional ethics. describe the ethical standards that management accountants subscribe to that, in your opinion, help maintain the impression that accountants are highly ethical.
how do these standards compare to the ethical standards in financial accounting. how are they different? why are there differences?
what organizations are responsible for the ethical standards for financial and managerial accounting? what are the differences between the organizations that maintain the ethical standards for each, and why are they different?
how do ethical standards relate to how the accounting information is used by both internal and external parties?

i will attach additional information and documents from our textbook later this week that can used in the essay as well. with the examples and real cases, try and use companies based in the us.
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