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“ that’s just great” walter muttered to himself as he sat on his porch and watched the new neighbors move in across the street. “four kids, and hispanics at that. wonder whose job they’re taking today?” in addition to being an obvious bigot, walter is misinformed when it comes to the economics of immigration, income inequality, discrimination, and poverty. does the addition of each new person necessarily mean the loss of a job by another person? is diversity in the workplace problematical? if there is movement between economic groups, what might this new family represent? what could it mean for the community? as a christian, how (and why) should we act to new neighbors? how are economics and culture tied together? as a responsible christian leader, what immigration policy should your company support?

your audience for this paper is practicing managers in your industry. the paper should use the style (e.g., turabian) appropriate for a relevant, popular press publication and be approximately 2,000 words in length. support your paper with references from assigned readings and independent research
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