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Project Description:

 what best practices have you utilized or seen others utilize to carry out christian ethics in your workplace? provide specific examples how the best practice was implemented.

 how could you or your manager implement changes in your work environment to make the workplace implement better ethical practices in your organization?

 create a fictional company and identify its mission, vision, values and beliefs.

 then, create a performance instrument to evaluate how well your organization lives out its beliefs. ideas of performance instruments include a customer or employee satisfaction survey, a mystery-shopper program and employee training and performance evaluation program.

to achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed:

 the mission, vision, values and beliefs of your organization.
 a detailed explanation of the performance instrument and how it will measure performance based on the mission, vision, values and beliefs of your organization.
 creation of the performance measurement (survey, evaluation form, etc.)
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