managing dynamic enviroment,training, communicating, and conditioning

Project Description:

organizational chart

for this task, you should create an organizational chart to represent the ideal structure for your current organization (or one with which you are familiar). you should include:

the type of structure (divisional structure, functional structure, matrix structure, or horizontal structure) represented in chart form (see pp. 129-134 in the text for examples)
the benefits of the selected structure
the challenges of the selected structure
the types of behavior changes needed to adopt the selected structure
why you believe this structure is most appropriate as a formal design element of the organization
be sure to support your writing with at least three references. your plan should be 2-4 pages long, well-written, and formatted according to saudi electronic university standards.

it is strongly encouraged that you submit all tasks to the turnitin originality check prior to submitting it to your instructor for grading. if you are unsure how to submit an task to the originality check tool, please review the turnitin originality check – student guide for step-by-step instructions.
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