managing projects for innovation

Project Description:

the task has been set to facilitate the development of firm knowledge of the different issues impacting the effective management of innovation and demonstrate the ability to apply relevant concepts to practices

the recent announcement by hrh sheikh mohammed bin rashid that 2015 will be the year of innovation has put great pressure on many organisations in the uae to change. in addition, setting the goal of the uae becoming the number one in innovation in seven year time meant that being innovative should become the norm and the change will not be short term. achieving success in implementing a new idea (design, process, technology, ..etc) in a project should then be diffused and spread.

your task is to investigate critical success factors for effective diffusion of innovation in projects undertaken in your organisation (or one that you have access to the relevant information and data).

this guide should provide detailed framework for the preparation of the required submissions
1. undertake a literature review and provide a critical analysis of the external and internal drivers and opportunities for innovation at project level in your organisation.
2. review and critique the literature and conceptual models that researchers have developed to explain the critical success factors for diffusion of innovation.
3. provide detailed analysis of at least two case studies of projects where innovation was introduced and explain how the innovative idea(s) was diffused and how such approach has impacted the success of the innovation. make sure that you use a conceptual model developed from item 2 above to explain the impact the csfs had on the success (or failure) of that innovation.

you should follow the submission procedures outlined in your student handbook the task should be about 4000 words.

deadline for submission is sunday of week 12 of the term (22nd of march), 12 midnight.

other information for students
it is recognized that the data for this exercise are to be drawn from a real situation. in order to preserve the anonymity of people the following should be observed:
 do not use real names.
 do not mention real company or organization names.
 ensure that your name and your company name do not appear on the actual submission.
assessment criteria
the assessment criteria are those outlined in buid’s grade descriptors


1. the length of the report is as indicated above. appendixes, executive summary and conclusion are not included in the word count. you should have a one page executive summary, a conclusion and recommendation sections, and a reference list. referencing should follow harvard referencing style.

2. your submission, of one file, using word, should be to turnitin (on black board) as advised by the tutor. the name of the file should include student id and initial of module, for example, 120000 mp4i

the lecturer will not answer questions on an assessment during the last week before its deadline.

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