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please and absolutely no plagiarism !!! 250 to 300 world for each question.
certo, s. & certo, t. (2012). modern management: concepts and skills (12th ed.). upper saddle river: pearson/prentice hall. isbn-13#: 9780132176316
1.discuss in scholarly detail the management by objectives approach (mbo) and explain the three basic parts included in most mbo programs. also discuss factors that are essential to the success of a management by objectives (mbo) program.
2.explain in scholarly detail the steps in the decision-making process and based on this process, what are the pros and cons of group decision-making and brainstorming as a group decision making process.
3.discuss in scholarly detail a comparison including pros of cons of strategic and tactical planning.
4.discuss in scholarly detail the program evaluation and review technique (pert) including an explanation of the critical path.
5.discuss in scholarly detail concepts and application behind the gantt chart, explaining its features used to support management efforts?
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