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this work is for (topics in information systems) class. i need this essay within 25 hours from now.
research the job market and write a 5+ page paper - double spaced, 12-point - that gives your perspective on the job market, your skill-set, your areas-of-improvement, some job titles you would like to pursue and a projection of what you see yourself doing in 5 years.
also, look for ads that fit your bill and include at least three in the appendix. (the appendix is above and beyond the 5-page limit)
take a look at the rubric and see how the paper is to be graded. this is part of a formative assessment for people graduating next year. unfortunately, it has been messed up for those taking this class out of sequence.
remember, we stressed professionalism and quality in this class. so don't plan on sloppy, last-minute work.
by the way, i have selected the job titles before, 1- system analyst, software developer, and computer applications manager.

also i have attached three files, they will help.

1- file named: grading the essay, that is for how the teacher will grade this paper.
2- file named old task- job search strategy, that is task i did in two weeks and that we might need it in this essay.
3- file named computer information systems job market search (1), that is i have done the same essay last year and the teacher gave me 14 out of 20, and he put comment "looks like this was pulled straight from the bls occupations handbook. specific skills you have (and need) were not identified. screenshots of ads that list the target market jobs were not attached. there is no bibliography showing the sources of your research. when you quote extensively, you must credit the source and enclose the quote in quatation marks." so i dont want this happen again to me and i want 20 out of 20 in this essay that's why i attached this essay to see how the teacher grade it.
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