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Project Description:

please answer each part of the following question separately.

1. considering our chapter 13 (retailing and wholesaling) lecture and the 2012 & 2014 best retail brands reports,

a) how has the retail landscape in north america evolved in recent years? what environmental factors (see chapter 3) have played a part in these changes?

still one file i will attached later

b) how has the buyer decision process (see chapter 5) changed?

c) what are the risks and challenges that retailers face in today’s environment? what can they do to face these challenges? some retailers have made adjustments to combat these challenges. please provide specific examples of such retailers’ strategies.

d) how has consumer shopping behavior changed in recent years (besides what you provided in part b))?

(please respond to the questions above in your own words, and be specific).

to complete above task, read/review the accompanying documents:
1. interbrands’s best retail brands 2012 rankings (subset provided)
2. interbrands’s best retail brands 2014 rankings
3. “shoppers flee physical stores” wsj, august 6, 2014

extra credit :

read the articles listed below and answer the following questions:

• “the end of the impulse shopper,” wsj, nov. 27, 2014
• “adapting to the new cherry-picking shopper,” wsj, nov. 24, 2104
• “wake up, brick-and-mortar retailers,” wsj, nov. 24, 2014

1. in your own words, describe how consumer in-store shopping behavior has changed over the years.

2. in your own words, describe the effects of the internet on the retail world.

please provide a full reference (author, publication name, date, article title) for any additional references used.

written tasks
three written tasks will be assigned to you during the semester. these are to be completed in teams of ~3 students. guidelines for the write-ups are as follows:
1. be as thorough and comprehensive as possible when answering each question. your answers should reflect careful reading and comprehension of the task.
2. each student is responsible for contributing an answer/solution to each question. collaborative efforts by each individual should be made to complete the task. students will have the opportunity to evaluate their peers’ contributions to the tasks. students who receive poor evaluations will be penalized via their participation grade in the course.
3. written tasks should by typed. a title page must be attached which should contain the following:
• task number
• team member names
• group number

please find attached link along with attachment
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