marketing communications

Project Description:

write a 3- to 4-page article in which you do the following:

•introduce integrated marketing communications by explaining the basic concepts.
•outline the imc strategy your company will implement.
•use the chosen company to illustrate and inform readers about the value of integrated marketing communications by explaining these topics:

•strategic communications the company uses to create a positive effect with customers
•how the imc strategy better positions the company against its competitors
•communication trends that you think might benefit the company
•conclude your article with the positives you foresee for your company with the implementation of the imc strategy.
support your article with at least three references.

note: write the article in a format that fits a company newsletter rather than an academic paper. the article should deliver your message in an easy-to-read style that fits your audience of business colleagues. be creative with your title to grab the reader’s attention, and use subheadings to organize your content and guide the reader. do not include reference citations in the body of the article; instead, list your references at the end, under a sources heading, formatted consistent with apa guidelines.
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