marketing internationally

Project Description:

using the product and country you selected in week 2, and have been researching each week, write an 8- to 10-page paper in apa format, double spaced, in 12-point font and with a 1" margin. make sure to properly cite all sources. include:

•the sources of your market research
•describe your product and the country you have selected
◦culture analysis
■social structure
■religious and ethical systems
◦political system analysis
■democracy, totalitarianism, socialism, etc.
■trade tariffs and treaties that impact the marketing plan
◦economic system analysis
■market economy/command economy/mixed
◦legal system analysis
■property rights
■contract laws
■legal systems
◦foreign exchange market analysis
■currency conversion
■fdi availability
■the gold standard
◦production, transportation and labor analysis
■where the product will be produced
■how the product will be delivered to the marketplace
■nature of the labor force you expect to use
■ethical and environmental considerations
•summary of challenges
◦what have you learned about how to maximize the likelihood of success when conducting business in a different economic, political, and cultural environment?
◦what are the benefits of thorough research and preparation?

the chosen product is water purifiers of amway (specifically espring) which is one of its well known products. and the country i selected is the united states.

i am attaching some reports that i have already done to see if these may help.
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