marketing plan (paper)

Project Description:

a marketing plan guides you and your staff to reach your goals; it keeps you from wandering off-course. a marketing plan contains information about a company and its products or services, marketing objectives and strategies, as well as how you will measure the success of the marketing activities. it describes all the marketing activities you'll perform during a specified time period (usually one year). it also assesses what is going on in the marketplace and how it affects your business. this in turn helps you to understand who your customers are and how you can best meet their needs. you'll also include any background information and research results you used to select those marketing activities. finally, you'll document the costs associated with your planned marketing activities as well as the measurements you'll use.

in your marketing plan, you may create a company to introduce a new product or service or you can introduce a new or modified product for a company that already exists. it should reflect marketing strategies for a minimum of one year. when choosing a company for this task, make sure that there is enough information available to carry out successfully all required analyses. the choice is entirely up to you. the marketing plan should be presented in the form of a written paper (cca 10 pages). make sure that your paper is explicitly structured (see the required structure below) and meets all formal requirements for academic writings including the appropriate form of citations.

your marketing plan must include these major sections:
1. page (identification data – name of the presentation, your name, course, instructor, academic year)
contents(do not forget this!)
1. company/organization description
2. strategic analysis
a. mission
b. marketing objectives/goals
3. situational analysis
a. swot analysis
b. industrial analyses
c. competitive analysis
d. consumers analysis
4. marketing program
a. product strategy
b. pricing strategy
c. distribution strategy
d. communication strategy
e. other marketing mix strategy (if applicable)
5. financial data and goals
6. implementation (time frame)
7. evaluation and control (measures)
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