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1.estimate annual market demand and annual market potential in the us for a toothbrush with an inbuilt digital calendar that shows daily appointments while users are brushing. assume that the buyer is an individual and that each individual can buy and use more than one such calendar toothbrush a year. clearly list and justify all other assumptions; e.g., market/tms, no. of buyers, no. of units purchased by average buyer, and price. (2 points)
2.melissa doors, ceo of macrohard, wanted to announce the use of cost-plus pricing in a press conference, so she asked her assistant to calculate what the % markup would be if macrohard made exactly enough phones to fulfill both orders together (alphabet soup and blueberry) and then sold them at $140. mr. assistant moonlights as a student in the mktg 3500 class, so he knew how to calculate the answer. what is the number that he came up with and how? (2 points)
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