marketing research in 15 hours

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it is a big marketing research, i need your help on part of it. it is due in 15 hours. i am offering 30$.

here is the details:

the chosen company " audi "
the chosen country "south korea"

** you will collect two types of data; general country indicators, relating to the general business environment and indicators to assess product market favorability.

you will need to be selective in your choice of indicators (approximately 18-22 indicators should be adequate).

first, include preliminary indicators: for example, climate, if selling fur coats, or minimum population size, average income, if selling mass market items.

second, include indicators to evaluate the business climate of a country, i.e. gnp growth, inflation rate.

do not forget that these should include indicators relating to factors which constitute barriers to entry, e.g. tariffs, product regulation, exchange controls, as well as indicators of business potential, e.g. consumption expenditure.

collect data relating to infrastructure requirements, e.g. media, physical distribution, distribution channels, etc. which affect the feasibility and profitability of exploiting market potential as well as competition.

finally, collect cultural characteristics that should be considered when conducting business in the certain country

collect as much data as possible relating to the specific product market, e.g. product usage and sales data, product sales of competing or substitute products.
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