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this marketing research report is about "snyder pretzels" in relationship to its competitor brands. they include pepsico (cheetos, doritos, funyuns), and the kellogg company (pringles). research to be incorporated in the paper should include insights from survey monkey, spectra, and the mri reporter. should also include an analysis on consumer purchase and perceptions relative to price, quality of ingredients, brand name, convenience, and packaging. swot analysis would also be helpful.

final paper format should include most of the following: title page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, method results (a. research findings, b. limitations), conclusions & recommendations, appendices (a. copies of data collection forms, b. data collection forms with univariate results, c. codebook, d. technical appendix- if applicable, e. exhibits not included in the body - if necessary, f. data file for archival storage, and g. bibliography)

will attach links, files, etc., after project acceptance.
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