marketing strategy

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frist, i’ve attached the questions with attachment in order to read them and to answer each question except question # 6b & 8 it just needs you to paraphrase. and fill out the templates for question# 6a for two advertisements.
for question# 4 i’ve attached the file read the article in order to answer it,
for question# 5 i’ve attached the file read the article in order answer it.
for question# 6a, read the question and click in 2 website where in the question in order to answer it. also, you will find the attachment fill out two templates regarding the answer of 6a, which are two advertisements.
for question# 6b, 8 i need you to paraphrase them. i already have answers.
for question# 7 i’ve attached the read the article in order answer it.

each answer has to be 2 pages. please use only sources that i give you. those answers have to be a quality and quantity. also, use marketing vocabulary; don't change the meaning of the answer. please if you have any question let me know.
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