marketing technology ewa bespoke communications

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marketing technology ewa bespoke communications
in 1996 mark’s & spencer (m&s) the venerable british retailer launched “lunchtogo”- an online corporate catering service. but m&s found it difficult to develop long-term relationship’s with corporate customers due to high personnel turnover within customer organizations. therefore, it turned to ewa bespoke communications, a company that uses data mining to “tell you more about your customers.” ewa used propensity modeling to develop the critical leg formula, which identified customers whose last order fell outside of their expected behavior. ewa then developed an automated system to send communications to customers who have not reported within the maximum allowed order lag determined by the formula. whereas most customers received e-mails, the system flagged m&s’s best corporate catering customers that should receive more personalized phone calls because of their value and importance. ewa also implemented information systems.
1. visit ewa bespoke communications at to learn more about its customers insight services and the types of analyses performed by this company. what is propensity modeling? review other case studies from this web site and write a brief report of how data mining technology was used to gain customer insights.
2. describe how other organizations can benefit from these types of data mining analyses. find examples of other companies that can offer such analysis to businesses.
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