marketing yourself

Project Description:

in project part 1, marketing yourself, you will create
a personal commercial to use to market yourself to
an audience of potential employers in your field.
your personal commercial should meet the
following requirements:
250-word minimum written document
highlight your skills, strengths, and relevant
sells “you” to your audience.
includes an apa title page
free of errors
notes: you will probably want to include the
strengths you identified in week 1. also, think about
how you want to present yourself and write the
commercial for that context.
for example, you can write this for any of the
following purposes:
to use verbally in an interview
as an email to an former professor who you
are hoping will write you a letter of
for a query or cover letter to a future
as a description on your eportfolio, social
networking page, or personal website that
will “sell” you to potential employers
as a brief script of a video about yourself and
your work experience and education you
could post in an eportfolio or personal
you can be creative. if appropriate for the context in which you plan to use your commercial, you might
decide to vary the font or include images. you will also be doing a mock interview for this course. you are to choose one of six jobs for which to apply. while you may need to tweak your personal commercial slightly during the mock interview to fit the audience for that particular job, you should create this commercial to specifically fit your eventual, real job search.

use this link and chose from one of the following jobs.
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