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Project Description:

for all these programming exercises you will have to use all the programming tips and principles that we have discussed. a complete solution for each of these problems will include:

for the program itself:

a header (commented out in the program) that includes:

your name

brief description of the program including input(s) and output(s)

date it was created

date of last modification

anything else you might find important to include

comments throughout the program to describe some steps or notes for yourself

appropriate test cases with results copied and pasted in the word file.

write a matlab script file that calculates the mean of n numbers. the number n and the actual n umber values are being asked from the user on the screen.

write a matlab function that that converts miles to kilometers, meters, centimeters and millimeters. test your code using 5 different values for miles and display the results in a table format using fprinf. the table header should look like this:

miles kilometers meters centimeters millimeters

3. write a matlab script to ask the user to input the scalar (number) values for a, b, c, and x and then returns the value of ax2+bx+c. the program repeats this process until the user enters zero values for all four variables.

4. write a function to calculate n! ("n factorial"), where n is a non-negative integer. note that 0! is defined to be 1. then write a script file the compares your function’s results to the built in matlab factorial calculator, factorialno for the same test case(s). print on the screen the comparisons using fprintf such that the result on the screen looks something like this: “the factorial of n is yourresult, while matlabresult is the result from matlab.” (the underlined words are variables that will change each time).
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