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if you have any questions let me now .iam online.

ne=2200 rpm

ns=220 rpm (218-222)
sy=400 mpa
su=500 mpa
angle=20 degree
t=1000w/w=1000x20/230.3=86.8 n.m
w=2 πn/60= 2 πx2200/60=230.3 rad/s
tmax= 1.25x 86.8 =108.5 n.m =108x10^8 mm
velocity ratio
v.r= ne/ns=2200/220=10
dp pitch circle diameter of pinion
dg pitch circle diameter of gear
distance between shafts ( l)
25.4=dp/2 + dg/2

dp + dg=25.4x2=50.8

dg/dp=10 or dg =10dp
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