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mercedes-benz has developed a website which allows potential customers to customize their new vehicles. working from a “basic” model, the customer can choose from an assortment of color schemes, entertainment packages, driver safety packages, and other accessories. the web-based application is set up so the customer can not only select from the extensive list of accessories but also see exactly what the vehicle will look like. these unique designs can be shared with friends and family by printing the final picture or transferring it via e-mail. what a slick way to sell automobiles!


go to the mercedes-benz (mb) website ( (links to an external site.)). from there select “build your own” and begin designing your dream vehicle. follow the steps, first, "select a vehicle to build,” then follow steps 1-5. once finished, you will see a photo of your vehicle as well as a list of options and price breakdown. after doing this, answer the following questions and submit in a word document with content at least one full page in length. be sure to include your name on the top of your submission.

what type of vehicle did you build? which options did you add and what was the difference in base model price and the new total with added options?

how many different vehicle configurations do you think are possible? could every customer have a different vehicle? to make this a little simpler, what if mb had only two types of vehicles, three color schemes, four packages, and two option choices? how many combinations are possible in this case?
how important is this customization to mb's marketing strategy? what are mb's order winner and qualifiers? concisely describe mb's operations and supply strategy.
apa format 1 reference (citation)
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