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Project Description:

post the link to any e-commerce site and then perform a usability assessment of it by selecting two questions from each category (12 questions total, two from each of the six usability categories) to answer from the checklist below (which is discussed on the usability lecture).

six usability categories are listed below:

category criteria/content

1) intuitive

is there good navigation (navigation toolbar/bread crumb trail, table of contents, titles on each page, hyperlink terms clearly identifies where it leads, graphics used have meaning, etc.)? does the site behave consistently throughout? how easy is it to use the site with only partial knowledge of “how it works?” is it easy to learn? does the site guide the user (doesn’t overload a user’s short-term memory)? are the terms/menus used on the site meaningful and representative to the user?

2) design consistency

does it follow conventions that users are familiar with? is it obvious from one page to another that the user is on the same site? are the colors, screen format, and terminology consistent throughout the site?

3) site efficiency

is the site easy to read? is key information above the fold (30% of users will never scroll down)? do animations/images serve for informational purposes and are they as simplistic as possible? can users turn off graphic displays in their browsers (without comprising site meaningfulness)? does the site download fast enough? does it take three clicks or less to access information needed? do frequent users have the ability to use shortcuts (back button functionality preserved at all times)? can tasks be performed with keyboard strokes? are text blocks small enough to eliminate the need for scrolling over to the right of the screen (even on laptops)?

4) supportability

does the site allow for mistakes to be easily undone? does the site offer informative feedback to the user (error messages are useful and meaningful)? does it provide guidance, advice, tools, reference materials, access to help (clear contact information for getting help, quick assistance for users that forget ids/passwords, glossary and search/quick links work correctly and are helpful, etc.)? does the site enable visitor feedback (to offer praise, make suggestions, ask for clarification, etc.)? does the site have access for the disabled? does the site avoid red and green color combinations for color blind individuals?

5) engaging

do users enjoy their site experience? do users tell the computer what to do and not vice versa? do users feel in control (user will not hit frustrating dead ends; pages are not cluttered, confusing, or distracting)? does the site have good readability? is the site appealing?

6) accuracy

do the links work properly? is the content in the site current and accurate (site frequently updated)? are words spelled correctly?
subject to turnitin(original material and apa reference)...due thurs noon for $20.
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