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this must be complete on are before 11/27/13. no price negotiation. pay out price stands.
please donot ask the price. the pay out is no more than $20.00.

discussion question for the week of nov. 25-27
ten points possible. submit by nov. 27, 2013

question #1
a. (3 points) how do you calculate the following (what formulas you will use): tr= total revenue, tc= total cost, vc=variable cost, fc=fixed cost, atc= average total cost, avc=average variable cost, afc=average fixed cost, mr=marginal revenue, and mc =marginal cost.

b. (7 points) complete the table below, and draw a graph showing price, atc, avc, and mc. what is the profit maximizing level of output for this firm and why?

quantity tr tc vc fc atc avc afc mc mr
0123456789 $091827364554637281 $10141925324049597082
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