mis task 2

Project Description:

project description: you have joined an investment club and have volunteered to deliver a presentation on eps and p/e at the next meeting. to prepare, you will calculate these values for (a) ibm cooperation and (b) apple inc. for the quarter ending june 2015.
a sample income statement for ibm corporation year ending 2010 is included for reference format.
use appropriate formulas wherever needed.
you may use the sites such as finance.yahoo.com, wikinvest.com, and stock-analysis-on.net to research income statements, stock price, and other financial data for publically traded companies.
you may use key statistics area of yahoo! finance to determine the average number of outstanding common stock shares, average purchase price of the stock for the period on the income statement.
attached files: “project2 ibm income statement 2010.xlsx”

strictly follow the below mentioned naming convention.
name your excel files
1) lastname firstname project 2a.xlsx
2) lastname firstname project 2b.xlsx
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