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Project Description:

1. describe a dbms and its functions. name some of the popular dbms software? you should search the internet for the updated dbms technology.your response should be at least 200 words in length. all sources must be referenced

2. describe the functions of data warehouses. describe the features of a data mart. differentiate between unsupervised and supervised data mining.your response should be at least 200 words in length. all sources must be referenced

3.data types
in this presentation, you will describe the different data types and give examples of each. conduct a brief research on the internet about different data types. this research should supplement your readings for this lesson.
create a 10-12 slide presentation describing the data types. include the following in your presentation:
 introductory slide
 slide for each data type (containing a definition of the data type and examples of fields the type would include)
 closing slide
be sure to properly cite any sources you use for your presentation. add presenter's notes that include talking points and details to each slide of the presentation. apa style

4. data repository
in this writing task, you will create a brochure advertising your services as a data repository.
research commercial data repositories. be sure to understand this business model, including the services, benefits, and marketing of services.
use a publisher program to create a one-page, two-fold brochure. address the following in your brochure:
 you are advertising your services as a commercial data repository to existing businesses.
 include your services, customer benefits, and reasons to do business with you.
 provide at least three reasons why the customer should be collecting data.
 include at least one graphic or picture of your choosing. apa format
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