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Project Description:

in the first task, i want you to understand that information security is much more
than just a technical issue. you need to carefully study the article “the economics
of information security” posted on blackboard, conduct your own research, and write
a report of 3+ pages, using font size 12 and single line spacing. that addresses the
following issues:
1-use plain english to explain the economic concepts of “market of lemons” and “moral
hazard effect”.
2-give two examples (either real world examples or hypothetical examples would be fine)
in information security context, one for “market of lemons” and one for “moral hazard
3-suppose you are an information security consultant, briefly describe what counter‐
measures (e.g., they could be technology, policy, or managerial measures) you would
use to address the situations of “market of lemons” and “moral hazard effect” in the
two examples you described above.

in the second task, you should carefully study the “frugal innovation” presentation
posted on blackboard, and conduct your own research on the topic of technology
innovation with limited resources. write a report on the topic of frugal innovation, addressing the following main issues
1- how would you define “frugal innovation”? identify four unique
characteristics of frugal innovation that distinguish it from traditional
technology innovation
2- briefly describe two cases of frugal innovation that you researched
3-do you think frugal innovation would be a significant phenomenon for
the global economy? why or why not? what impacts do you see it would
have on the individual business organizations implementing the frugal
innovation, to the nations fostering the frugal innovation environment, and
to the global society as a whole?
4-describe in words the integrated framework for frugal innovation (iffi)
as presented in the presentation. provide your own opinions regarding
any additional factors that should be included in iffi, and/or the factors
currently included in iffi that should be eliminated. justify your opinions
your report should be an word document of 3+ pages, using font size 12 and single line spacing.
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