mississippi 2012 cafr

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for the following items, use the state of mississippi 2012 cafr to answer the question. please site the cafr page


what is the net change in construction in progress from 2011 to 2012

what is the total outstanding net long- term bonds and notes payable as of june 2012?

what is the amount of pension trust fund net asset held in trust for pension benefits and trust beneficiaries as june 30, 2012

for enterprise and business-type activities, what standard (gasb or fasab or both) does the state of mississippi follow as of november 30, 1989? please provide the entire statement.

what is the net change in the number of state employees from 2003 to 2012?

what is the amount of net assets in permanent non-expendable endowment in the universities component unit as of june 30 2012

what is the established constitutional legal debt limit of the states of june 30 2012

list all non-major enterprise funds.

what was the average cost per public school student reported as of june 30, 2011 (the last year which are available)

what is the state’s (primary government’s) pollution remediation obligation as june 30, 2012

identify the one major and eight non-major component units
what was the amount of disbursement in claims and benefits paid by the mississippi prepaid affordable (mpact) during fy ended june 30, 2012

in governmental funds, what was the total equity in internal investment pool of june 30, 2012

what is the unrestricted net asset for the primary government as of june 30, 2012

how many debts in bonds and note, net of premiums, discounts, and deferred amount on refunding was issued during fiscal 2012?
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