mitigation project in nj

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please write two pages by answering this questions separately please answer this questions based on only the information on this link

write two pages ( answer each question separate )


1.explain the type of mitigation employed

2.was this pre- or post-disaster mitigation, or a combination (i.e., a process that began before but completed after a disaster)?

3.what type of hazard is being mitigated against (are there multi-hazard benefits?)? this a structural or non-structural type of mitigation? were the costs and benefits estimated?

6.has the area been impacted by a hazard since the mitigation was completed?

7.what were the sources of funding for the mitigation? you think this project would have been initiated and completed without federal assistance or the recent occurrence of a disaster?

9.what type of loss, damage, or disruption was possible or experienced prior to mitigation (e.g., buildings collapsing, coastal homes destroyed, interruption of business activity)?
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