modeling the way

Project Description:

n your readings for this unit from the leadership challenge, you are introduced to the first of the five practices of effective leadership: model the way. according to kouzes and posner, leaders must clarify their values and set a good example in order to model the way for their followers.

the essentials of clarifying values include:
find your voice.
affirm shared values.
the essentials of setting the example include:

personify the shared values.
teach others to model the way.
for this discussion, complete the following:

select one essential of clarifying values and one of setting the example, and explain what each means to you.
if you are in (or have been in) a leadership role, describe how your leadership behavior exemplified the practice of modeling the way. note: your leadership experience may have been outside the workplace.
if you have not been in any type of leadership role, describe how you witnessed a leader of yours exemplifying the practice of modeling the way. 250-300 words.
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