modern britain history

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would you answer these questions in essay form and the textbook is below.

1. if you had lived in england in 1848 would you have supported or opposed a revolution like the ones occurring on the european continent?

1. in late july 1914 would it have been possible for the british to have declared their neutrality and not become involved in the smoldering conflict on the european continent?
provide two specific and detailed examples to support your answer.

2. a contemporary observer remarked that “the world war of 1914-1918 was the greatest moral, spiritual and physical catastrophe in the entire history of the english people…”

do you agree or disagree with this assessment of world war i. provide two specific and detailed examples to support your answers.

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ellis wasson, ed. sources and debates in modern british history 1714 to the present, wiley-blackwell, 2012. isbn #978-1-4443-3372-5
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