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for this extra credit, watch the film adaptation of "the lottery" starring keri russell, available at the following link:

after viewing the film, compose a review, based on the following questions: how does this film adaptation compare to the original short story? would you recommend it to others?

with that in mind, discuss various elements of the film that swayed you, in either way. some things to discuss include: characters, plot/story, setting, themes, soundtrack, genre, etc. give summary information when necessary, but also include your analysis of the film (the why) as it relates to the short story.

you may look up and include background information to provide a clearer context for your reader, which can include information about the cast, crew, filming, director, etc. if you use outside sources, make sure to correctly cite any information you use. this task should be written in paragraph form, containing a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. this is a thesis-driven task, so make sure you are writing with a purpose and to make a point.
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