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special drawing rights (sdrs)

1. write a one-page essay about the history and role of the special drawing rights (sdrs). you can visit the web site of the international monetary fund ( for information about sdrs.

2. use the data provided in the table to fill out the blanks of the last column, and calculate the value of the sdr in terms of the dollar as of october 1, 2013:

currency in the sdr basket units of each currency in the sdr exchange rates
on october 1, 2013 us$ equivalent
euro 0.4230 $1.3545 per euro
yen 12.10 yen 97.76 per us$
british pound 0.1110 $1.6230 per £
u.s. dollar 0.660 $1.0
total / /

please also write down the results for the following:

1 sdr = us$_____________

1 us$ = sdr_____________
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