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i am applying for one education program which give me a future chance to have good job upgrade, please can you fill the form in 2 hours with all your best knowledge and put the best things and returns which can be obtained from mba. i have to submit it by today saturday night. i will pay for it. please dear complete the form according to your knowledge and best wordings. as after the form fill i have to make presentation of what is written in the form. please make the best dear i am attaching the form. as this program is mini mba program. and i have done work in accounts and finance in courier company. also in shipping company and i am bs of 4 years. and also have a lot of experience in it. i have worked and made lot of sheets in excel with programming to help make accounts and finance decisions easier. so, now kindly give this form beautiful and attractive words and the only thing which stops me to join this program is the environment and job department i am in. but i have a lot of talent and desperation of doing hard work and produce good results by utilizing best out of me. i hope dear this all is enough for you to complete the form please help me. also i have done
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