mysql permission task

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mysql user permissions task
answer the following questions based on mysql's system for granting permissions to resources. upload a file with your answers at the bottom of this page. please make sure your document is in rtf, ms word or openoffice writer format.
1. what tables are used to store mysql permissions information?
2. what database stores the mysql permission information?
3. where must a user's information be entered in order to be considered a "super user?"
4. how can you use the host part of a user name to grant or restrict access from an entire subdomain or subnet?
5. what happens if a user is not granted rights to table a on the "user" table but is granted rights on the "db" table but the "host"field of the "db" table is left blank?
6. in the previous question how are the permissions determined when the user's permissions and the permissions from the hosttable are evaluated? hint - the term comes from the practice of creating venn diagrams.
7. can you use the host table as a way to create a form of groups for lumping permissions together?
8. extra credit: why does mysql have the rather unusual practice of having a use name with 2 components?
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