native english ghostwriters needed - billionaire romance short stories writing

Project Description:

native english writers! this is not for everyone, we're looking for new writers who could work within our budget. if you're not okay with our budget, please do not bid. thanks.

we are looking for 3 billionaire romance stories/novels written in a series, between 10,000 to 12,000 words each. there will be a lot of creative freedom in this project as there are no specific plots or outline.

we do have basic writing guideline for you to follow. the story will be up to you. we prefer to stay away from the more explicit erotica, but spicy love scenes are welcome and encouraged. if the quality of your story is good, then you can be assured of more writing projects from us.

below are the details of the requirements. this is not for everyone, if you're not okay with any of the following, please do not bid and waste our time.

- the total budget for 3 stories is around $150. all bids above this will be rejected.
- the endings of the first and second stories should be semi-complete with a degree of cliffhanger leading to the next story. (this is a must). think soap operas / daytime dramas / "the young and the restless"! one show leads to the next with a series of cliff hangers that makes the audience want to watch the next episode.

- the beginning of the each story should not start off with sex/intercourse right away.
- should be focused on billionaire romance for women.
- no scenes of incest, rape or assault, beastiality and all characters must be over 18 years old.
- should pass copyscape.
- content should be high quality and 100% original.
- should provide sample work of similar writing. for this, send links of work that you have published with your name.
- only native english speakers.
- (mandatory) - we also need you to include a 200-500 blurbs of each of the stories that teases/entices readers to read your work.

the whole project should be done within 36-45 days.

you must be fluent in spelling, grammar and punctuation. you must not reuse these stories anywhere else.

please note:

no under 18 of age characters.
no incest.
no rape, dubious consent, or non-consensual sex.
no injurious insertions.
no necrophilia.
no stories that degrade or vilify any group based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

the whole project should be done within 36-45 days. first story should be delivered in 12 days and the second 12 days after completion of the first story.

you agree that you will own no rights to the work or parts of the work and you understand/agree your name will not appear anywhere on the work. we would retain all copyrights to any of these stories. this is a ghostwriting job. other words, if this book does reasonably well, we will keep bringing you back to write more "episodes"! (i.e. - to keep adding/writing more books in your short story series!)

please reply back with first sentence saying: 'i write great novels' along with your bid. thanks.

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