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hi. i hope you have been well. saikumar i have a paper that i need written in 48 hours. can you help me? the purpose of this paper is to create a strategic business plan and to present the plan in a professional manner. the name of the business is vendalunch and it is stationed in nyc. i am opening up a lunch dining establishment. the theme of it is that it is for patrons who want to grab something quick while they are on the go. it is convenient and healthier than fast food. the part of the business plan that i am asking from you is and industry analysis and a competitive analysis.

the industry analysis should include the 6 components of the macro-environment. are you familiar with these 6 components?...

1. political factors 2. economic conditions 3. sociocultural forces 4. technological factors 5. environmental forces 6. legal and regulatory factors

the competitive analysis must include the following:
1. current strategy: how are competitors positioned in the market?...what is the basis for its competitive advantage? (if any)...what kind of investments is it making as an indication of its growth trajectory?

2. objectives: an appraisal of rivals objectives both financial and strategic, the extent to which they are meeting these objectives, and are they under any pressure to improve

3. capabilities: an assessment of rival's capabilities. sizing up both strengths and weaknesses.

4. assumptions: how rivals managers think about their strategic situation i.e. do they believe they are too great to fail?

i am prepared to pay $80 dollars for this well put together paper. please don't worry about format or style of the paper, i just need the information and the references. please let me know if you have time and can do it. i cannot have a bits answer i need the full, well put together answer and i have to have it by 12 midnight ist this thursday morning. if you cannot do it in time i understand. it has to be done quickly so if you don’t have the time i understand but please let me know that as soon as possible so that i can quickly move on to seek help from someone else. thank you saikumar.
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