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Project Description:

what my professor wrote:
this week we will look at how we understand the social world around us. this will enable you to more fully understand why you make the quick judgments about others that you do. it will also help you realize the impact of stereotypes and media images on your social perceptions. a solid understanding of the concepts related to social perception will help you complete your media analysis task, which is posted in the tasks section for this week.

media analysis task:
you will conduct a media analysis that looks at how the body is perceived in various forms of media (e.g. magazine, t.v., advertising… etc.).the specific criteria for this project is as follows:
• write 2/3 pages
• use analysis and critical thinking.
• also use reference.look at the various forms of media. how do they portray the body? what impact does this have on individuals?
• include your experiences, observations, readings and views.

what i wanted to discuss in my media analysis paper:
media analysis
in my media analysis i would like to discuss body images and young girls. i would like to go more in depth to see if magazines help shape a young girls image of herself or not. i chose this particular topic because i think it is a subject that is very important no matter what era we live in. it doesn’t matter if it is the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. i feel that this particular topic is an ongoing topic that is a subject that will be discussed through out the end of time. all girls go through an awkward time in there life where they are self conscious about their body.
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