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hi, this is the second task thanks during the first month of operation ended may 31, 2013. t-shirt express company produced 37,000 designer t shirts, of which 34,300 were sold. operating data for the month are summaried as follows. sales 343,000 manufacturing cost direct material....210,900 direct labor...7,350 variable manufacturing cost...26,640 fixed manufacturing cost.. 24,420 selling and administrative expenses; variable......16,464 fixed.......12,005 28,469 during june, t shirt express company produced 31,600 designer t shirts and sold 34,300 t shirts. operating data for june are summaried as follow. sales....... 343,000 manufacturing cost: direct materials....180,120 direct labor.......48,980 variable manufacturing cost....22,752 fixed manufacturing cost.......24,420 276,272 selling and administrative expense: variable ........16,464 fixed........12,005 28,469 instruction: 1. using the absorption costing concept, prepare income statments for a) may and b) june. 2. using he variable costing concept,prepare income statements for a)may and b)june 3. a. explain the reason for the differences in the abount of income from operation in 1) and 2) for june b. explain the reason for the differences in the amount of income from operations in 1) and 2) for june 4. based on your answers to 1) and 2) did t shirt express company operate more profitably in may or in june explain :
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